Moomas Time!

The Establishment of the Celestial Cow or “Moomas” as it is lovingly known is a light hearted Kemetic holiday celebrated this time of year. The holiday was established thousands of years ago to commemorate the story of Ra rising into the heavens on Hathor’s back. In the shape of the Celestial Cow She takes off into the sky.

The holiday has both a humorous and serious side. On one hand the image of the sun god riding into the sky on the back of a cow is funny to imagine. We celebrate this time of year with gift giving cards and the burning of candles. On the other hand however, the reason for Ra’s departure is to get as far away from the evils of mankind as possible.

In this way we are reminded that cruelty and evil separate us from the divine. The other major theme is that of forgiveness. When Ra reached the top of the sky He was able to find some peace. Away from the chaos of the world He was able to think clearly and realized that despite our deep flaws He still loved humanity.

Ra decided that He would remain on high in order to watch over us forever. Hathor asked Ra to make Her powerful enough to withstand such a great height. He obliged by transforming Her into the starry vault of space itself.

“Then the majesty of this god looked into Her, and She said: “Make me into a multitude!”
And stars came into being.”

Because the stars represent akhu (our ancestors) in Kemeticsm this story reminds us that Hathor watches over all of our loved ones who have passed over. This time of year is a testament to the love our gods have for us and that even the days are short and cold now, they will be long and warm soon.

Moomas is celebrated by modern Kemetics on or around the Winter Solstice. Since many of us have Christian family and ancestors it makes sense for us to have our own understanding and religious celebrations concerning this time of year and the return of the sun into our lives.


The Meaning Of Moomas|

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