And Then There Were Angels

There are angels in many religions and cultures. I work with angels in the Abrahamic faiths. In Judaism, Islam, and Christianity there are canonical angels that are specifically written about in canon works. Canon means writings that are accepted by a specific group. Gabriel and Michael are examples as they are mentioned in canon literature for all three Abrahamic faiths. Some texts may be canon for one group but not another (for example-the books that make up the difference between Catholic Bibles and Protestant Bibles). There are angels that are known from people working with them over time in various places. And there are angels that are mentioned in non-canonical literature. The Book of Enoch is generally a non-canon source except for some groups in Ethiopia. Many names of angels are listed in this book including fallen angels.

For the longest time I worked with no other entities outside of the Trinity. Eventually I got a niggling feeling and curiosity about angels, specifically those in the Abrahamic religions. The end result was my asking God, if it was His will, to introduce me an angel to work with. I was in my inner space at the time, the place where I go through visualizations to commune with the Trinity. What followed was a series of what I later realized were signs as to who I was introduced to.

What is that old saying? Be careful what you wish for. Or in this case, pray for. Now, to be clear, I figured I’d be introduced to my Guardian Angel or some other angel with a fairly narrow slice of cosmic workings. It took me a few days to pinpoint who I had been introduced to. And a few more weeks to stop whining. Why? Because Archangel Michael showed up. And I was not expecting that at all. Michael was patient about it though. And I think the Trinity was delighted overall. I hadn’t specified Guardian Angel, I’d only said angel. And I’d put it in their hands. For myself, I thought it would have been rude to tell my God which angel to introduce me to or what angel I had decided to work with. They are His workers, His messengers.

I was adverse to the idea of working with an Archangel for a few reasons. I figured they were busy doing their jobs and I would be a bother. A friend pointed out to me that the Archangels must be quite lonely then, with so many people thinking that way. The other reason is that I felt apprehensive (still do to some extent) because I want a quiet life. A quiet career. And I want control. I’m in school with a very specific degree at the other end- too far in to change it now. A very specific career path with related but alternative careers as an option. I became quite nervous that the Trinity had other plans for me other than the ones I had in mind. It took me time to let go and realize that my relatively short term goals are fine. And it took time to let go of the desire for control over long term over goals. What I see and want now may change. Also, for anyone that knows me, quiet and calm is unlikely to ever be my life for an extended period of time.

I’ve been getting to know Michael over about the past year or so. I’ve never had to deal with him in his more warrior aspect. Then this summer I started getting the feeling that other angels were around or wanted to be around. I got signs at times or I would reach out for Michael and someone else would be present. In a few cases I was able to identify which angel specifically showed up. I got nervous. Until I am familiar with any being I get some amount of social anxiety. For about the last week, maybe two, I’ve had the feeling of others around and wanting to communicate. My response was to ignore the feeling. I distracted myself in every way I knew. Not really a good idea. I have noticed my mental health declines when I do things that separate myself from the Trinity. Ignoring is a great way to create separation.

I did stop eventually. And my little world is again upended. When I stopped ignoring the feeling I went to my inner space and invited those who wished to speak or be with me to come. Michael showed up, which I was not completely expecting. I asked who wanted to be known to me and the impression I got of “All of us”. A bit unsettling. Perhaps I am too easily unsettled. Uriel showed up next with the directions that things would be moving along now that I was done pretending they didn’t exhist. Later when I asked for clarification about what was meant by “all” a distinct number popped into my head. I was leaning towards the major 4 (although whom exactly those are does vary). I figured Michael likely meant archangels specifically. Fewer meant less work on my end figuring out names and getting to know them. More likely to be able to find out something about them. And concern over space on my alter was on my mind.

Those reasons sound weak to you? They did to the angels too. I got the impression of the number 12. How does one even start figuring out the names? I first made a list of the ones that had already introduced themselves. I got 5 from that. But where to go from there? I consulted and got Uriel who gave me the impression to look to the Kabbalah Tree of Life. I was briefly confused when I saw that for there are only 10 positions with an archangel associated with each position. But when I compared my lists I realized two that had introduced themselves were on my list that were not associated with the Tree. 12 total. Neat and tidy, relatively speaking.

I spend much of the next day trying to glean what I can about the 12 from sources I can find online. Which is quite difficult considering the amount of fluff that is present with varying degrees of potential accuracy. This includes little in the way of references that I can use to follow up on. So often people only want to consider angels as beings of love and light. I have a feeling that many of the angels have a duality that we do not often see or comprehend. My search for information goes beyond just names and jobs but also what associations are known about them. Colors, gems, plants, animals, ect… I figure it is another way to come to know them. My next step at this point is to try the local libraries but I have a feeling it might be hard to find good sources for the associations. But I’m not whining this time! Cosmic gold star maybe. And I’m not fretting overly about the contradicting or unverified information. They are archangels after all. If they want me to know something they will reveal it to me in some way.

If any are curious these are the names of the 12: Azriel, Gavriel, Haniel, Khamael, Metatron, Michael, Raphael, Raziel, Sandalphon, Tzaphkiel, Uriel, Zadkiel.

I welcome anyone with a good source about any of these angels to let me know! Books and sites are both welcome. I’m also investigating Kabbalah more so recommendations that way are welcome.

As always feel free to leave questions or comments.

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